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Daptary’s Wiwah….   A Family..

An Institution ……of affection ……& warmth

Propelled for Advance Technology….

A place where there is a Blend of Old and New ……& where happy marriages are made

Simple and Easy way……  ……  Where everyone experiences total contentment ……..  

Delight of accomplishment of all expectations………….

“All Services Under One Roof” this concept of Daptary’s Group of Companies showed the way to discover Daptary’s Wiwah. While constructing homes, at the back of mind there was something which encouraged us to contribute to the society that gave us so much. Many thoughts flashed into the mind and finally stabled on the option of Marriage Institution. The idea of combination of Ethnic still modern services inspired us to discover

In 2009, an online matrimonial institution was established. In its first year itself got an enormous response and all this was the miraculous outcome of excellent thoughts, absolute dedication and perfect planning. Initially we did not indulge into advertisement for promoting our services because we believed in mouth publicity. Similarly the service provided by our matrimonial institution resulted in converting many people into our registered members. Slowly and steadily was accompanied with many well-wisher and members and thus we developed into a huge family within these four years.

In this journey we acknowledged many valuable support and lots of precious advices.  While working in this particular field we realized that children have many issues regarding their marriages and at the same time parents are worried a lot. We tried to think on these issues and finally as a solution we thought of introducing programs like “Marriage Soft Skills”, “Self Talk”, “ First Meeting tips”, “Profile Creation”, “Parents & Children Communication Help”, “Profile Analysis”, “Self Analysis”, “Self Presentation”, “ Partner Analysis” & “ Horoscope-Road Map”. Everyone liked all the programs and got plenty of response for the same.

For children and their parents marriage doesn’t happen only after giving ample of proposals. A mediator  is required who as a third person could understand & help them in analyzing the suitable profile and proposal as well as help them in taking the right decision for the life time. We as a mediator provide exactly the same all time service as mentioned.

Nowadays a severe problem faced by children and their parents during arranging marriages is that they hardly get any response from other profiles. Taking this problem into consideration we tried to find a solution and introduced a new service called Personalized Service.

Every daughter and son has their expectations to find right partner at right point in time and age so as to lead their married life happily. After marriage each other’s support makes them achieve great success in their respective carriers which is our main intention. We believe that if there is serenity, love & bliss at home one can face each and every challenge in the outer world.

Therefore, we wish that you too could be the part of our family and can help your family members and friends who might be searching for good proposals & perfect match for their children.